About Michael

Hi there! I’m Michael Kennedy. I’m a Python enthusiast and a PSF Fellow.

Podcasts: You might know me from my podcasts. I’m the host of Talk Python To Me which is currently the 3rd most popular developer podcast (as of Dec 2023). Or perhaps from my other podcast I cohost Python Bytes, a weekly news show for Python developers and the open source community. If you haven’t listened to either of these, please check out an episode or two.

Courses: I’m also the founder of Talk Python Training. It’s one of the largest libraries of Python courses on the internet. Currently we have over 240 hours of content spread across 42 courses by 10 authors. If you’re learning Python, do check out what we have to offer over there.

YouTube: I love creating educational and inspirational videos for developers on YouTube. I’d love to connect with you over there. Check out a video that catches your eye at youtube.com/@mikeckennedy.

Open source: I’m the author of a handful of open source Python projects. Find them and many more of my projects over on GitHub. Here’s a list of my public libraries.

Writing: This site serves as a semi-micro blog. I’ve been blogging for many years but have fallen in and out of it. So I’ll something new here. Short essays and other notable discoveries without 2,000 word articles. I hope you find my short writings helpful. Grab some RSS if you’re so inclined.

Social: Finally, if you’d like to connect with me just use one of the social links in the sidebar / navigation. My most active network is Mastodon. Find me over there at fosstodon.org/@mkennedy.