Mastodon First: My New Social Attitude

Without a doubt, my most beloved social media platform has been Twitter. I joined over 14 years ago. And across my personal account and the podcasts’ accounts (1, 2) we have built an audience of over 100,000 members. It’s an incredible honor.

But with more than a little sarcasm, sites like Twitter is Going Great! … and definitely does not develop features primarily to stroke Elon Musk’s delicate ego have been documenting the wild and downward spiral Twitter has been on.

So as you can tell from my other posts’ titles, I’ve moved to Mastodon ( is my instance - aka home base).

My current attitude is Mastodon First

Let me elaborate. Now that I’ve spent some time over there, I see how closely Mastodon and open source philosophies align. This is not just because Mastodon is open source. Rather, the whole idea of controlled and owned by the community via federated instances resonates much better than big tech powered by surveillance capitalism.

I will be most active over on Mastodon. But I don’t intend to abandon my beloved community on Twitter or other networks (unless Twitter goes so great as to crash into the ground).

I encourage you to follow me over on Mastodon via And if you’re new to Mastodon or just still holding out, I did an excellent panel discussion with many Python people entitled Mastodon for Python Devs over on Talk Python.